Global cyber security centre to be opened at Oxford



It was announced this week that a global cyber security centre would be opened at the University of Oxford. William Hague, Foreign Secretary has said that the Global Centre for Cyber Security and Capacity building will act as "a beacon of expertise", and is the UK’s contribution to helping other countries form defence mechanisms and plans to deal with the mounting threat of hacks and online attacks.


It is expected that the Government will plough a million in funding for the centre over the next two years. Mr Hague is expecting that “The new global centre for cybersecurity will co-ordinate global work on cyber-threats and cyber-policies which will help protect the UK's security."


With many countries across the world aiming to step up their cyber security measures following a number of high profile attacks, part of the centre’s remit will be to support other countries in establishing the necessary skills to defend against these attacks.


Prof Ian Goldin, director of the Oxford Martin School, where the centre will be based, said: "We are convinced that integrated thinking on cybersecurity is required to address these challenges."


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