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Xyone co-host successful executive roundtable

Xyone Cyber Security co-hosted an exective roundtable to discuss pressing cyber security concerns on June 13th in Manchester, alongside IT service provider and insurance broker A&B. Attending were subject matter experts such as Det Ch Supt Neil J. Jones, Police Lead at the Manchester Digital Security Centre, alongside SME owners and IT professionals representing sectors ranging from legal to retail.

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Xyone at CyberUK 2019 – Hosted by (NCSC)

Event details When: 24 –25 April 2019 Where: Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow CYBERUK is the UK government’s flagship cyber security event. Hosted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), it features world-class speakers, solutions and opportunities for interaction between the public and private sectors. You will be briefed on the evolving cyber threat and how we must […]

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WordPress 5.1 Vulnerability

A critical vulnerability in all but the most-recent WordPress versions has been revealed by security firm RIPS Tech. The vulnerability allows an unauthenticated attacker to hijack a logged-in administrator’s account to run arbitrary code on the target site. RIPS Tech report that ‘the vulnerabilit[y] exist[s] in WordPress versions prior to 5.1.1 and is exploitable with […]

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6TB Citrix Data Breach

Cloud computing and software company Citrix have recently been the victim of a major cyber attack, with attackers gaining access to what cyber security firm Resecurity claims is ‘at least 6 terabytes of sensitive data stored in the Citrix enterprise network, including e-mail correspondence, files in network shares and other services used for project management and procurement.’

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Google Chrome Zero-Day

A critical update for the Google Chrome Web browser was released at the start of March. Details of the zero-day vulnerability that the update fixes are currently still restricted ‘until a majority of users are updated with a fix’, but it appears to grant an attacker the ability to execute malicious code on a victim’s […]

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