What We Do

We are trusted Cyber Security Advisors to companies worldwide, and offer a range of services to secure your business large or small.

Internal Mitigation services

Our services in internal threat mitigation include the following branded offerings to help secure your organisation and reduce the risk a breach could entail.

educate - Cyber security services
Cyber Security Training
In-house, virtual seminar and classroom based training solutions for up to 12 employees per session, or through our package of GCHQ-certified e-learning modules. Training topics include: Cyber Security Awareness, Social Engineering, Data Protection and Business Continuity Training.
mitigate - Cyber security services
Internal Security Solution
Mitigate is a process which has proven to dramatically reduce the cyber risk for business, companies and firms. Created by our Xyone Academy and certified by the UK Government’s GCHQ, this suite of policies and training can be tailored to any organisation of any industry or size.

External Mitigation services

Our services in external threat mitigation for cyber security include a variety of forms of assessing the security of your organisation(s) from the point of view of an attacker.
penetrate - Cyber security services
Penetration testing
Penetrate is the process of identifying security weaknesses and the extent to which they are deployed for a malicious intent. We simulate an attack to assess your immunity level, discover vulnerabilities and provide recommendations and guidelines to make your IT infrastructure more secure.
manipulate - Cyber security services
Social engineering penetration testing
Manipulate is our industry-leading offering: a social engineering penetration testing service which will demonstrate what can be accessed by potential attackers, and follow-up by helping you reduce the threat that social engineering could impose.

Comply and Certify

We offer services to ensure your organisation complies with internationally recognised cyber security standards. You can also get your cetification through Xyone!
comply - Cyber security services
Attain Recognised Standards
Many businesses recognise the benefit and competitive advantage gained through attaining internationally recognised standards. We are unique in the ability to work with businesses towards compliance with GDPR, ISO, PCI DSS and Lexcel.
certify - Cyber security services
Attain Recognised Certifications
Whichever industry your business or firm is in, the standards that you are recognised against can give your potential clients, customers and/or stakeholders reassurance that you take cyber security seriously. Xyone can work alongside you to help you attain certification in Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, Becoming a Cyber Verified Partner.


In addition to partnering with Hill Dickinson & The Compliance Foundation on a 360-degree approach to GDPR, Xyone has also created a number of offerings to clients in response to the challenges posed by GDPR.
GDPR - Cyber security services
GDPR compliance
Hill Dickinson, The Compliance Foundation and Xyone Cyber Security have joined forces to offer the complete solution to the challenges that GDPR presents across governance and structure, process and policy, and technology. With fines up to €20million can you afford to ignore GDPR?

Managed services

From penetration testing, training, certification, and reporting on vulnerabilities discovered. Cyberseal is a managed service offered subject to a contract with ourselves to ensure that the services keeping you secure do not lapse.
Cyberseal logo
Our 360° mitigation service
Cyberseal is our 360° mitigation service which provides an objective operational risk management picture of an organisation’s risks in relation to cyber security. This service includes a variety of offerings from us, covering internal and external mitigation services, along with certification.
safeguard - Cyber security services
vulnerability scans & assessments

Safeguard is a managed service offered by Xyone which aims to outline your system’s major vulnerabilities, through vulnerability scans and assessments, documentation, and the production of a clear, understandable, plan of action.


Why choose Xyone cyber security?

  • GCHQ certified Trainers and provider of GCHQ certified Training
  • Unrivalled Customer Service. Full support provided before and after the project
  • Personable and approachable staff who are trusted by In house and third party IT teams, working together to ensure your organisations security is top priority
  • Licensed Testers and assessors. CREST, Tiger Scheme, CyberScheme, Certified Ethical Hackers
  • We don't mark our own work! Trusted Partner Network full of GCHQ certified Cyber Essentials Consultants who we have trained and trusted IT and Web Development fixers who have gone through our rigorous cyber security assessment
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