Who We Are

Who we are

Founded in 2012, with a team of specialists in cyber security, consultancy and information security, we are a trusted cyber security company with a passion for quality service.

We provide accessible and dynamic services which extend beyond technology to encompass people, culture, processes and the physical environment, making your business as resilient as possible – even in the event of a breach.

By combining knowledge and integrity, we provide essential support for securing your data, assets and intellectual property against the threat of cybercrime. Our professional team of Certified Ethical Hackers, qualified Consultants and expert Trainers offer a complete end-to-end repertoire of cyber security services for your business.


  1. Our Skills And Accreditations

    Xyone cyber security qualifications

    ISO 27001

    Xyone has a strong emphasis on production and delivery of sustainable quality services and is ISO 27001 accredited.

    CREST Member Company

    Xyone is a proud member of CREST which means we have gone through a rigorous assessment of our business processes, data security and security testing methodologies. As a CREST member company, we have a demonstrable level of assurance that our information security methodologies are able to provide our clients with a robust assessment of our information security posture.

    Cyber Essentials Certified

    We are also Cyber Essentials certified and a Cyber Essentials certification body which allows us to offer Cyber Essentials, (the Government’s scheme for all businesses to comply to a base level of cyber security) as a service to our clients.

    Expert Team

    We are proud to present a team of experts with a variety of accreditations across the cyber security service provision. Namely, these accreditations include CEH (Certified Ethical Hackers), CHECK (Qualified Team Leaders), GWAPT (GIAC Web Application Penetration Testers), CREST and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) consultants.

    Member Of Cyber Invest

    We are a member of Cyber Invest, collaborating with academia and the NCSC to commission high-level research to maintain excellence in our field. As the sector and industry is growing and changing at a fast pace, we believe that our accreditations underpin the quality of our services, providing assurance and reliability for our clients.

  2. Penetration Testing Certifications


    For our Penetration Testing Services, we are proud to have a team of experts with a variety of accreditations across the cyber security service provision. Namely, these accreditations include CREST, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CHECK (Qualified Team Leaders), GWAPT (GIAC Web Application Penetration Testers) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) consultants.

    Meeting OSSTMM standards

    Our security testing services are delivered in line with the best-practice ISECOM's Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM). These methodologies ensure that security testing is carried out following a structured, effective and technically appropriate process, to deliver meaningful reports and metrics.

Certifications we can help you with
  1. Cyber Essentials Certification Body

    Cyber security accredited

    We are proud to be a licensed and qualified Cyber Essentials Certification Body for Cyber Essentials Basic and Plus with APMG International. As an organisation, we are certified for Cyber Essentials Plus.

    We can certify you as compliant

    We can certify that you are compliant with HM Government's Cyber Essentials framework, demonstrating that you have made a baseline commitment to ensuring the security of your IT infrastructure, protecting yours and your clients' data from the threat of cyber attack.

    Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus?

    There are two levels to Cyber Essentials - Cyber Essentials which is the certification of a self-assessment questionnaire and Cyber Essentials Plus, which verifies the self-assessment questionnaire with some on-site checks and vulnerability assessments.

    We can offer several areas of support to ensure that implementing Cyber Essentials is a smooth and simple process. Please see our Cyber Essentials Questionnaire and Cyber Essentials Plus pages, to learn more about which certification is most suitable for you.

    Why Cyber Essentials Certification?

    “The Cyber Essentials scheme provides businesses small and large with clarity on good basic cyber security practice. By focussing on basic cyber hygiene, your company will be better protected from the most common cyber threats. The Cyber Essentials badge allows your company to advertise the fact that it adheres to a government endorsed standard.”
    HM Government

    Contact us to discuss

    To discuss your Cyber Essentials requirements, please contact us on [email protected], by phone on 0333 323 3981.

  2. ISO 27001 Certification

    ISO 27001 certified

    We are proud to be certified for the internationally recognised information security standard ISO 27001 with ISOQAR. This standard involves the implementation and continuous development of a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS).

    Being certified for ISO 27001 means that, as an organisation, we have a demonstrable Information Security Management System which ensures that:

    • our access to data is appropriately authorised and protected.
    • we are meeting the requirements of the information security laws and regulations that apply to us.
    • processes required for the information security of the data of clients, employees, and the organisation as a whole are effective.
    • all levels of employees within our organisation are committed to information security.
    Are you looking to get ISO 27001 certified?

    We can also offer Information Security consultancy for those seeking to achieve ISO certification to the ISO 27001 standard.

  3. GCHQ Certified Training

    Our latest development, mitigatehub.com, is certified by the UK Government’s Communications Headquarters, GCHQ, and incorporates easy-to-follow scenario-based e-learning modules. It is the most cost-effective way to provide as many employees, in a quick and consistent environment, to gain the skills and confidence to achieve the “Cyber Trusted Status” within your organisation.

Code of Ethics

We adopt an innovative approach; cyber criminals do not stand still and neither do we. By engaging with academia, business, auditors and certification bodies, we deliver services that respond to market developments. Xyone aim to be leaders through innovation, in how we work both in-house and when helping others.
We lead with EXPERTISE
We are experts in our field.
Xyone’s technical knowledge is supported by experts who have first-hand experience of the key drivers at play in specific market sectors.
We act as a trusted partner to many service providers. If you provide someone access to your critical business information and applications, you need to know that you can trust them. Our specialists will help you identify and manage risks around your various data assets to give you, your employees and your customers much greater peace of mind.
We provide clear COMMUNICATION
We communicate with clarity. Xyone recognise that for many organisations cyber security is unchartered territory. We offer reassurance by guiding them through the process and delivering supporting services.
Cyber security - Our vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of the race to make cyberspace a safer place for organisations through the provision of dynamic services that respond to the risks and threats posed in an ever-evolving digital world.

We are not only thought leaders in the cyber security field, but our main office is based in Lancaster University, recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research, in-dialogue with academia through current Masters students employed by us, Cyber Security lecturers/researchers, and our involvement in Cyber Invest.

We have offices in Lancaster, London and Manchester, making us one of the largest UK cyber security services providers helping businesses worldwide.

With all of this in mind, you are safe in the knowledge we’re here.

Looking for EventsInsightsPress Releases With Xyone?

At Xyone, we regularly run and participate in events nationwide to boost the resilience, compliance and security of those who participate. Our events inform and enhance the understanding of cyber security for those who attend and participate in Workshops, Seminars and Conferences here in the UK.
We aim to be a regular source of insights at Xyone, which inform, innovate and explain, helping to lead the innovative discourse regarding cyber security. This is done both internally and with our partners and includes our own News feed, whitepapers, research, threat intelligence service and more.
Press Releases
We try to maintain a regular presence in the media so that those we work with are kept up-to-date, and to keep the knowledge of what we can do for you current. To keep you up to date we offer a cyber security terms glossary, information for the Press and Press releases.
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