Xyone at Cyber Conference 2017: an interactive session on information fraud



It pays to be wary and vigilant against the threats of manipulation. As part of Liverpool Law Society’s Cyber Conference 2017, Xyone’s CEO Stephen Robinson is delivering an interactive session. This will include an engaging look into the techniques information security fraudsters use, methods used to build trust by social engineers, how and what this trust could be used for, along with how you can be protected. The session, “QUID PRO QUO (give Something for Something)”, should give you a valuable insight that you can take away for use in your firm or business – helping you remain protected or begin to proactively seek cyber security protection.

The conference is aimed broadly at those involved in Cyber Security, including Managers/Partners, and is taking place from 09:00 on Wednesday 26th April.

Also represented at Cyber Conference 2017 are TITAN Merseyside, QPI Legal, Centre for Assessment, Digital Law, Legal Risk, Aabyss, and KPMG. The event is open both to members and non-members of Liverpool Legal Society.

More details about the conference, other sessions on-the-day and the venue itself are available at http://www.liverpoollawsociety.org.uk/legal-events/cyber-conference-2017, along with a booking form for the event at http://www.liverpoollawsociety.org.uk/legal-events/cyber-conference-2017#Booking.