Xyone & NQA Joint Event – Secure, Comply, Certify Breakfast Seminar


8.30am – Breakfast 

9.00am – Secure 
Managing Director Stephen Robinson, of Xyone Cyber Security will be discussing how to make your business secure from the threat of internal and external cyber-attacks

9.45am – Comply
One of our specialist ISO 27001 consultants will be discussing the prestige of the standard and the changing attitude to information security, as well as demonstrating how cyber security plays a direct role in achieving the standard

10.30am – Certify
NQA Sector Specialist Bee Modhwadia, will be discussing the benefits of ISO 27001 for a business, including the accreditation procedure

11.00am – 11.30am  Q&A and Networking Opportunities


You are invited to attend a collaborative workshop and seminar co-hosted by Xyone Cyber Security and NQA. You will learn how to improve cyber security and the development of an information security management system (ISMS)

We will demonstrate the benefits of building cyber security into business continuity and disaster recovery plans and will outline maintenance of certified management systems and the benefits to your business.

Cyber Security –The threat is real and growing

81% of large corporations and 60% of small businesses reported a cyber-breach in the past year. On average over 33,000 malicious emails are blocked at the Gateway to the Government Secure Intranet (GSI) every month. These are likely to contain – or link to – sophisticated malware. A far greater number of malicious, but less sophisticated emails and spam are blocked each month.

With the cost for a severe cyber-security breach estimated between £600,000 to £1,150,000 for large businesses and £65,000 to £115,000 for smaller ones, we must all look at new ways to protect businesses and make the UK more resilient to cyber-attacks and crime.

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