Social Engineering Training

Social Engineering attacks training

Social Engineering is the act of using various methods of manipulation to gain access to information through human interaction – often by tricking an individual into breaking normal security procedures.

These forms of manipulation can involve phishing emails, bogus/spoof telephone calls, gaining unauthorised access to a business’ premises, accessing private areas of the premises without supervision, and accessing the company’s network to obtain information.

95%of successful cyberattacks are the result of a phishing scam
78%of employees are aware of the risks of suspicious links in emails.. but click on them anyway

Reduce the impact

You can lessen the risk and impact of being breached through social engineering through the services offered by our specialist consultants. They can analyse the propensity of social engineering attacks within your company and identify any ongoing risks posed by backdoors into your systems and faulty spam filters. Our social engineering security assessment provides software, training and general housekeeping guidance which, once implemented, can reduce the impact of social engineering attacks.

Prevention by education

Furthermore, through training with Xyone, you could increase the security of your system, informing your staff about the measures that can be taken to reduce how much secure information is shared.

Social engineering is the biggest threat facing any security system as it depends on human factors.

Our training is developed to aid prevention by educating people about the value of the information they have access to, training them to protect it and increasing awareness of how social engineers operate and the effects of an attack.

Educate from Xyone

Businesspeople Sitting At Conference Table At The Meeting
Board/Partner-level Training
With this GCHQ-certified training course, we aim to encourage you to take a serious approach to adopting methods of cyber security to protect the business, its stakeholders and assets from the effects of a breach.
Cyber Security Awareness
Cyber Security Awareness
Our security awareness training focuses on the real-life issues that your business faces every day, looking at the consequences of a cyber breach and the methods you can impart through your staff team to mitigate the risk internally.
DPA 2018
Data Protection Training
The course will demonstrate the regulations that businesses must follow to ensure they are working in line with, and are not at risk of breaching the UK’s Data Protection Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Business Continuity
Business Continuity Training
Xyone can help you make your business continuity plan active. This is done through our Business Continuity training, designed to get your team thinking about their work from a business continuity angle

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