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Database Penetration Testing

Database Penetration Testing

Databases hold valuable business assets such as sensitive customer data, payment card details, product and pricing data, employee records, blueprints, intellectual property and supplier information. Should this data end up on the wrong hands or be compromised in other ways, then you may be left facing financial and reputational damages .

Database Penetration Testing should ideally be conducted on a regular basis and not just at the point of going live with a new database. Our pen test team and qualified consultants will simulate an attack in the same way a hacker would to attempt access into your database using industry best practice methodologies and our own additional techniques, identifying access points and providing guidance on how to lock down your database in the event of a real attack.


It is vital that our clients undertake a retest as part of their penetration test service. This is to ensure that all vulnerabilities have had the necessary controls applied and are no longer at risk of exploitation.

Retests are always clearly quoted within our proposal documentation and each retest scans all of the areas originally identified as risks in our original penetration test report. 

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment identifies any major issues within your systems. Less in depth than a manual penetration test and conducted using approved scanning software, a vulnerability assessment will test a cross section of your IT infrastructu...

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing will identify vulnerabilities within your website which could be accessed through online cyber attacks. An exploitation can result in the theft of information and irreparable damage to your systems.

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Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing goes beyond vulnerability scanning and evaluates the security of a system, attempts to expose and exploit the vulnerabilities and weaknesses through a simulated attack.

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Mobile Penetration Testing

Mobile penetration testing covers off the threats encountered through using devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets to access networks and databases whilst away from the office environment.

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Cloud Penetration Testing

The safety of your company’s assets depends on the security of your cloud-based infrastructure just as much as your in-house IT environment; therefore security should be a key consideration when selecting a cloud services provider.

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VOIP Penetration Testing

VOIP (Voice Over IP) is the methodology of conducting voice calls and messages through an internet based network. VOIP is a particular area of concern with regards to security due to the potential for confidential data harvesting through recordi...

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