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With software expected to be kept reliable, secure and trustworthy with each update, we understand the importance of these needs in an ever-evolving security conscious landscape. From penetration testing each update of the software you develop, to checking for vulnerabilities in code and checking you are compliant with the information security standards required by your business, we can help you with your cyber security needs.

Securing Web Applications

For securing contracts with those who use your application(s), and enticing new customers, involving penetration testing as part of your development cycle is a foolproof way forward. We offer credits to allow for these tests to be flexible, and always scope with a proposal being produced before any work that we do. This way, you know what’s involved, your customers are assured what you develop is secure through rigorous analysis.

Software cyber security services
46%Rise in cyber security incidents from 2nd to 3rd quarter of 2016.
51%Percentage of data breeches down to human error
92MillionDHSC estimated the ransomware 'WannaCry' cost the NHS in 2017.

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We provide a comprehensive range of penetration testing, certification, information security consultancy and managed services for SMEs, public sector organisations and larger corporate looking to protect their business and enhance overall security of their IT systems.

Our specialists will help you identify and manage risks around your various data assets to give you, your employees and your customers much greater peace of mind.

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We offer a range of cyber security services ranging from testing to training, certification and much more.

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