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Helping Law Firms

We have a proud history of working with notable law firms, providing the certification, protection, services and training required by legal professionals. Our work ensures that the data and operation of law firms, along with their clients, is kept secure against the threats of an attack. This collaboration extends to legal groups and societies, too, with our content writers often contributing blog posts and articles for our content partners.

Memberships, partnerships and/or involvements with legal organisations Xyone currently hold across the UK include the following:

Legal cyber security services
112%Rise in Legal Sector Data Breaches in 2 years
60%of law firms reported to have suffered information security incident last year
11Millionof client money stolen due to cyber crime over 1 year

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How we can help

The threats to law firms from cyber security breaches is something we often hear about and work to proactively mitigate. By working with Xyone, and seeing how we could help you, your risk of data and assets being compromised could be substantially mitigated.

According to the UK Government’s 2016 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, “We see a steady stream of breaches and attacks on firms which assume they are on top of security, but still haven’t got a good understanding of the possible impact on their business or what they should do about it” Ed Vaizey MP, acting as Minister for the Digital Economy (May 2016).


We offer a range of cyber security services ranging from testing to training, certification and much more.

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