Vulnerability Scanning

Network and Web Vulnerability scanning

Network and externally-facing web applications are subject to a wide range of potential attacks that exploit an equally wide range of vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning is a comprehensive process of assessing and identifying network vulnerabilities and providing a report that includes details of all identified vulnerabilities.

Xyone will run the scans and map out the target range. Once the scan is complete a Certified tester will review the reports to ensure any false positives have been removed. He will then recommend remediation plans and offer technical advice.

Cyber Essentials Vulnerability Scanning

Cyber Essentials Scanning

Cyber essentials Plus requires external and internal scanning of your devices in scope as part of the assessment. Our bespoke reporting tools can be used to provide Cyber Essentials Plus compliant reports. The reports provide an easy and user friendly view of passes and fails.

If you require we can assign a cyber essentials assessor to provide a summary of the report specific to the cyber essentials plus requirements.

Comparison to Manual Testing

Vulnerability scanning, whatever tool is used, is not perfect, it will miss complex issues, it will miss logic issues and it will also generate false positives (it will identify issues as existing, when in-fact they do not exist). Manual testing, relays on the technical understanding and instinct of the tester. Automated test results should always be considered carefully and ideally evaluated by a skilled technical resource. Vulnerability Scanning is gross error checking, it’s quick, easy, convenient and cheaper than a manual penetration test.


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