Information Security Policy Management

12 certified policies in 4 key areas of concern

Keeping up-to-date Information Security Policies is a great step towards ensuring that your staff and clients know cyber security is a top priority. At Xyone, we offer services to manage these policies, which help your business or firm by:

  • Keeping your staff in-line with certified standards of information security.
  • Ensuring your policies are kept up-to-date.
  • Mitigating risks from outdated or insufficient policy.
GCHQ certified training
comply with

Mitigate Policy Management Service

The Information Security Policy services we offer are through our GCHQ-certified mitigate. There are three different options for policies with Xyone, depending on your requirements:

  • Policy Management Service
  • Mitigate Policy Review
  • Policy Alignment Service

Further information on these services and information security policy templates can be found at and in the breakdown of packages offered through mitigate.

4 key areas of concern

Online Security
Information Security
Remote Security

Your complete internal security solution

GCHQ Certified E-learning
Regularly updating your knowledge through trusted resources can improve your staff’s resilience to cyber threats. Mitigate’s E-learning content will support you in securing information, processes and services.
Gap Analysis Report
Policy Gap Analysis
Policy Gap Analysis is Xyone’s free tool for identifying how up-to-date and secure your Information Security Policies are, based on four essential areas to protect your organisation.
GDPR Policies
GDPR Policy Review
GDPR Policy Review is a service for reviewing your organisation’s existing policies against a suite of GCHQ-certified information security policies; ensuring that you are in-line with GDPR’s fundimental aims.

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