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UK Red Teaming

Many organisations, particularly international IT companies and Defence-based organisations, regularly contract Red Team services to keep themselves as secure as possible. But these services do not have to be limited to these industries: any work which requires rigorous security in-place could benefit from this form of testing.

Our services in Red Team Penetration Testing are carried out as a project, rather than a standard number of tests or re-tests. We will create a proposal for our work carried out. This proposal will be followed-up with a report after our work with you, detailing our findings and any areas we managed to exploit/access.

Red team testing

What is Red Team Penetration Testing?

A Red Team test is a penetration testing service from an organisation independent from your own, using a team of white-hat cyber security experts. This is done to test your organisation’s defences, simulating attacks from the real-world.

Compared to standard Penetration Testing, Red Team Penetration Testing:

  • Uses more-highly trained cyber security defence practitioners.
  • Inspects how well your current defences are performing.
  • Uncovers weaknesses that may not be revealed by other penetration tests.
  • Utilises your partners’ vulnerabilities to attempt to gain information on your organisation.
  • Allows your organisation to understand what data/assets would have been compromised by genuine adversaries/cybercriminals.

CREST-certified penetration testing service

CREST and PEN TEST cyber security
For our Penetration Testing Services, we are proud to have a team of experts with a variety of accreditations across the cyber security service provision. Namely, these accreditations include CREST, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CHECK (Qualified Team Leaders), GWAPT (GIAC Web Application Penetration Testers) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) consultants.

Manipulate Penetration Testing Services

security and counterterrorism
Counter Terrorism Assessment
This is an assessment conducted by a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, reacting to the imminent need for many organisations who could be a target to test their resilience against the threats of terrorism.
social engineering examples
Social Engineering Consultancy
Our social engineering security assessment provides software, training and general housekeeping guidance which, once implemented, can reduce the impact of social engineering attacks.
Physical Security Checks
Physical penetration testing

How can you know what is putting key assets of your workplace at risk? We have a team of cyber security experts trained in performing tests to see what could be compromised physically, & how to remedy this.


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