Counter Terrorism Assessment

Counter Terrorism Risk Management Consultancy

This is an assessment conducted by a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, reacting to the imminent need for many organisations to test their resilience against the threats of terrorism.

The assessment will review the threat to certain attack types as requested by the client (e.g. placed Improvised Explosive Device). All assessments are followed-up by a report which details any vulnerabilities found from the attack types requested. Counter Terrorism Assessments review individual sites, specifically their vulnerabilities, to provide proportionate mitigation measures, with associated rationale. The final report will also detail residual risk and potential contingency measures for elevated threat.

By engaging with critical staff on sites, typically facilities and security, this assessment analyses your security against the threat of a planned attack.

Physical Security Assessment

Industry Leading Event Counter Terrorism Consultants

  • Event Counter Terrorism Risk Management, Diplomas
  • Multi Agency Gold Incident Command
  • Tactical Command for Event Public Safety
  • Specialist Tactical Firearms Commander
  • Creation & Validation of Emergency Plans
  • Risk Management in Civil Protection
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • BDO Behaviour Detection Operations
  • Hostile Recon Disruption
  • Project Servator Tactical Command
  • Silver Public Order Commander
  • CBRN Commander
  • Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator
  • Delivery of Conflict Management Training

Manipulate Penetration Testing Services

Red Team Tester
Red Team Penetration Testing
A Red Team test is a penetration testing service from an organisation independent from your own, using a team of cyber security experts. This is done to test your organisation’s defences, simulating real-world attacks.
social engineering examples
Social Engineering Consultancy
Our social engineering security assessment provides software, training and general housekeeping guidance which, once implemented, can reduce the impact of social engineering attacks.
Physical Security Checks
Physical penetration testing

How can you know what is putting key assets of your workplace at risk? We have a team of cyber security experts trained in performing tests to see what could be compromised physically, & how to remedy this.


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