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Counter Terrorism Assessment

What is manipulate? An Introduction

Manipulate is our industry-leading offering: a social engineering penetration testing service, which will demonstrate what can be accessed by potential attackers, and follow-up by helping you reduce the threat that social engineering could impose. To manipulate is the skill of deception, the smiling assassin, the silent attack. It is borne out of the clever manipulation of the human tendency to trust.

The Assessment

This is an assessment conducted by a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, reacting to the imminent need for many organisations to test their resilience against the threats of terrorism.

The assessment will review the threat to certain attack types as requested by the client (e.g. placed

Improvised Explosive Device). All assessments are followed-up by a report which details any vulnerabilities found from the attack types requested. Counter Terrorism Assessments review individual sites, specifically their vulnerabilities, to provide proportionate mitigation measures, with associated rationale. The final report will also detail residual risk and potential contingency measures for elevated threat.


As part of our outreach for manipulate, we have released this short video as an introduction to today's threats of social engineering:

By engaging with critical staff on sites, typically facilities and security, this assessment analyses your security against the threat of a planned attack.

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