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Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Manipulate is our industry-leading offering: a social engineering penetration testing service, which will demonstrate what can be accessed by potential attackers, and follow-up by helping you reduce the threat that social engineering could impose. To manipulate is the skill of deception, the smiling assassin, the silent attack. It is borne out of the clever manipulation of the human tendency to trust.

The manipulate process begins with our external research of your business – gaining contacts, information and other useful knowledge that will be later used in our test on your premises. Much of this will be publicly available: through your website, social media and online presence. With experience in performing social engineering penetration testing, we will work alongside you to scope out what potential vulnerabilities may be putting you at risk, prior to our incognito testing of your workplace(s).

threats of social engineering

Through external and internal testing of your workplace, Manipulate will help secure your business against social engineering by:
  • Testing the controls you have in-place that should be protecting your confidential information.
  • Analysing how aware and resilient your staff are against the threat of a breach, through digital, verbal and physical means.
  • Evaluating how effective your current Business Continuity Plan is in the event of data being accessed through social engineering.
  • Using cutting-edge techniques to provide social engineering penetration testing services, with a methodology researched extensively with Security Lancaster, a Cyber Security Centre of Excellence.
  • Supporting your business with our findings, by improving the internal culture of security among your staff and identifying key weaknesses during our incognito testing.

Manipulate Penetration Testing Services

Red Team Tester
Red Team Penetration Testing
A Red Team test is a penetration testing service from an organisation independent from your own, using a team of cyber security experts. This is done to test your organisation’s defences, simulating real-world attacks.
security and counterterrorism
Counter Terrorism Assessment
This is an assessment conducted by a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, reacting to the imminent need for many organisations who could be a target to test their resilience against the threats of terrorism.
social engineering examples
Social Engineering Consultancy
Our social engineering security assessment provides software, training and general housekeeping guidance which, once implemented, can reduce the impact of social engineering attacks.
Physical Security Checks
Physical penetration testing

How can you know what is putting key assets of your workplace at risk? We have a team of cyber security experts trained in performing tests to see what could be compromised physically, & how to remedy this.


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