Internal Mitigation

Worried about Insider threats? We can help you find your Internal weak points

Internal Mitigation services

Our services in internal threat mitigation include the following branded offerings to help secure your organisation and reduce the risk a breach could entail.

Internal Mitigation

internal security solution

GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Training for Business.
Mitigate is a process which has proven to dramatically reduce the cyber risk for business, companies and firms. Created by our Xyone Academy and certified by the UK Government’s GCHQ, this suite of policies and training can be tailored to any organisation of any industry or size.

GCHQ Certified Training

Internal Mitigation

Cyber Security

In-house, virtual seminar and classroom based training solutions for up to 12 employees per session, or through our package of GCHQ-certified e-learning modules. Training topics include: Cyber Security Awareness, Social Engineering, Data Protection and Business Continuity Training.

GCHQ Certified Training

Why choose Xyone cyber security?

  • GCHQ certified Trainers and provider of GCHQ certified Training
  • Unrivalled Customer Service. Full support provided before and after the project
  • Personable and approachable staff who are trusted by In house and third party IT teams, working together to ensure your organisation's security is top priority
  • Licensed Testers and assessors. CREST, Tiger Scheme, CyberScheme, Certified Ethical Hackers
  • We don't mark our own work! Trusted Partner Network full of GCHQ certified Cyber Essentials Consultants who we have trained and trusted IT and Web Development fixers who have gone through our rigorous cyber security assessment
Clients we have worked with or certified include:
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