External Mitigation

Want to know if you can be hacked from an external attacker's point of view? We can help you find your weak points

External Mitigation services

Our services in external threat mitigation for cyber security include a variety of forms of assessing the security of your organisation(s) from the point of view of an attacker. This is involves certified individuals and/or teams performing technical work to assess the extent to which the vulnerabilities of your system could be exploited, through the following offerings:

External Mitigation


Penetrate is Xyone’s penetration testing service, an expert service designed to simulate an attack, to ensure that your site is as impenetrable from external threats as possible. The purpose of the analysis is to simulate an attack to assess your immunity level, discover vulnerabilities and provide recommendations and guidelines to make your IT infrastructure more secure.

External Mitigation


Manipulate is our industry-leading offering: a social engineering penetration testing service which will demonstrate what can be accessed by potential attackers, and follow-up by helping you reduce the threat that social engineering could impose.

External Mitigation


Safeguard is a managed service offered by Xyone which aims to outline your system’s major vulnerabilities, through vulnerability scans and assessments, documentation, and the production of a clear, understandable, plan of action.


Why choose Xyone cyber security?

  • GCHQ certified Trainers and provider of GCHQ certified Training
  • Unrivalled Customer Service. Full support provided before and after the project
  • Personable and approachable staff who are trusted by In house and third party IT teams, working together to ensure your organisation's security is top priority
  • Licensed Testers and assessors. CREST, Tiger Scheme, CyberScheme, Certified Ethical Hackers
  • We don't mark our own work! Trusted Partner Network full of GCHQ certified Cyber Essentials Consultants who we have trained and trusted IT and Web Development fixers who have gone through our rigorous cyber security assessment
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