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Social Engineering Training

Social engineering is defined by the phrase ‘manipulation for information’ and relates to the art of gaining physical access to, or information about the business for personal gain. Businesses face the threat of social engineering daily though may not be aware of the tricks and techniques used, which we intend to uncover with this training workshop.

Course aim:

To provide the skills and awareness for defending the business against social engineering attacks that threaten organisational security. Learners will get a hands on understanding of the motivations and methods used by social engineers and procedures for mitigating the risk to protect the business from a breach.

Course objectives:

By the end of this 1 hour training course, participants will have:

  • An understanding of how to defend against social engineering deceptions
  • Knowledge for how to plan and evaluate security assessments for human weakness
  • Increased vigilance in and around the workplace
  • Awareness for how to implement procedures to defeat deceptions
  • Understood how to mitigate vulnerabilities with security awareness
  • Measured the organisation’s preparedness for social engineering attacks
Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training can help your staff to proactively reduce the risk of a cyber attack to your business. We offer training to your management, employees and mobile workers to raise awareness and protect your assets.    

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Board/Partner Cyber Security Training

Our strategy for implementing cyber awareness with our training course certified by GCHQ, is 'tone from the top, message from the middle'. This means to set the scene within the upper ranks of management, allowing them to use their depar...

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Awareness training will help you to gain some valuable insight for how to recognise cyber threats and how to proactively protect your business with a series of housekeeping tips to use in the workplace. 

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Data Protection Training

To familiarise all members of the workforce with the legal implications with handling, sharing and storing data. The course will demonstrate the regulations that businesses must follow to ensure they are working in line with, and are not at risk of...

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Home & Mobile Workers Training

Working away from the office can present further business risks due to the insecurity of the external environment. Our training will provide insight into how to remain protected whilst accessing important data remotely.

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