Leaders Through Innovation


We are INNOVATIVE – We adopt an innovative approach; cyber criminals do not stand still and neither do we. By engaging with academia, business, auditors and certification bodies, we deliver services that respond to market developments. Xyone aim to be leaders through innovation, in how we work both in-house and when helping others.

We are TRUSTWORTHY – We act as a trusted partner to many service providers. If you provide someone access to your critical business information and applications, you need to know that you can trust them. Our specialists will help you identify and manage risks around your various data assets to give you, your employees and your customers much greater peace of mind.


We lead with EXPERTISE – We are experts in our field. Xyone’s technical knowledge is supported by experts who have first-hand experience of the key drivers at play in specific market sectors.

We provide clear COMMUNICATION – We communicate with clarity. Xyone recognise that for many organisations cyber security is unchartered territory. We offer reassurance by guiding them through the process and delivering supporting services.