Xyone Cyber Security New Growth Investment

Xyone Cyber Security, developers of the innovative and market-leading Mitigate cyber security solution aimed at helping organisations to better manage and reduce internal business risk through technology enablement, employee education and culture change, is pleased to announce that it has recently received significant new inward growth investment. In addition, Xyone is pleased to announce the appointment of a new company Chairman and CFO, along with two Non-Executive Directors, as the company seeks to expand and grow its operations.

The new growth investment secured by Xyone will be used to further develop the company’s suite of software services, expand its sales and marketing team and ensure the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Xyone Cyber Security is an emerging technology leader in the information security sector. Founded in 2012 with a team of specialists in cyber security, consultancy and information security, Xyone is a trusted cyber security company with a passion for quality service. It provides accessible and dynamic services which extend beyond technology to encompass people, culture, processes and the physical environment, making organisations as resilient as possible – even in the event of a breach. By combining knowledge and integrity, Xyone provide essential support for securing organisations’ data, assets and intellectual property against the threat of cybercrime.

Joining the Xyone board as Chairman, former RAF Wing Commander, Defence Intelligence professional, FTSE CEO and private equity specialist Mark Rogerson MBE commented: ‘In Xyone we have all the hallmarks for small business success. Entrepreneurial spirit, class-leading products, innovation and a passion for our customers.  This, together with a real time recognition across the business community of the need to better manage and mitigate business risk and provide all employees with the right level of risk training and education, bodes exceptionally well for the future.  The management team have all the skills necessary to grow Xyone into a leading UK SME in a very exciting and dynamic sector.  We are also delighted to welcome Jim Sumner, chairman of market-leading vehicle telematics group Isotrak Ltd, along with former AIM-listed CEO and private equity veteran Gerry Higgins to our board, both of whom will add significant experience and support to the business and the team. Finally, having grown up just one mile from Lancaster University it is my sincere pleasure to be connected once again with my hometown and to contribute directly to the local economy. I look forward with great excitement to the Xyone journey.’


Xyone Cyber Security, InfoLab 21, Lancaster University, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4WA



Mark Rogerson MBE mark.rogerson@xyone.co.uk


Michelle Ciavatta michelle.ciavatta@xyone.co.uk

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