GCHQ-certified Information Security Platform

Our latest development, mitigate.training, is certified by the UK Government’s Communications Headquarters, GCHQ, and incorporates easy-to-follow scenario-based e-learning modules. It is the most cost-effective way to provide as many employees, in a quick and consistent environment, to gain the skills and confidence to achieve the “Cyber Trusted Status” within your organisation. The mitigate process is designed to reduce internal risks through four simple steps:

  1. Institute a suite of clear, strong policies on various aspects of cyber security

  2. Access an easy-to-use, engaging e-learning model to train all employees, certified by GCHQ

  3. Enforce the policies, as learners sign off on each policy throughout the learning process

  4. Manage and audit your employees to maximise the results, record progress and motivate learners

The learner is immersed in a realistic or situational simulation that is inspired by real-life incidents and is asked to follow a storyline, attempt certain tasks and gather skills and knowledge that they will recall for future use.

This vital e-learning resource can be broken down into twelve bite-size sections, in four simple bundles:

Online Security Training Bundle

Providing the learner with basic tools to ensure all internet usage is safe, knowing how to keep email communications secure and be alerted of the potential risks and share little-known techniques to create truly protected passwords for your various devices and accounts.

Remote Security Training Bundle

Providing the learner with the risks associated with remote devices, in terms of personal equipment, company-provided equipment and how they both interact with any public Wifi network or other networks that could host potential vulnerabilities for the user.

Information Security Training Bundle

Providing the learner with the intermediate skills to manage data and information, through a knowledge of the various level of classification of data, and the respective levels of risk and responsibility surrounding them, as well as how to encrypt and back up data, to mitigate against attacks or human error.

Workstation Security Training Bundle

Providing the learner with the advanced skills to spot potential physical vulnerabilities in their own cyber security at work, understanding what and how to destroy and dispose of in terms of confidential information and to create a vigilance of the threat of attack through social engineering.

mitigate provides an easy-to-use back-end system which records the progress of each learner, awards successful completion and motivates learners. Motivation is crucial to effective learning and skill building, and the system provides more motivation for policy sign-offs than simply by their mandatory nature.

At the same time, the same back-end system offers administrators the opportunity to get a high-level view of employee progress with respect to completed awareness training, policy sign-offs and adoption, hence putting the company in a more active and 'in-control' role in the effort of reinforcing the security posture and culture of the organisation through successful use of policies. This should instil a better culture of security in their workplace.

Administrators of your system – through mitigate – will be able to:

  • Monitor records of each staff member, ensuring policies are fully up to date and signed

  • Track progress for completion of any outstanding policy

  • Implement mitigate training as part of a New Starter Induction process

Alongside mitigate, Xyone also offer GCHQ certified in-person or virtual seminar training which could help your board-level staff better understand the cyber threats to businesses, measures that can be taken and awareness that will help your business become more secure against the risk of a breach.

Security Testing and Compliance Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of penetration testing, certification, information security consultancy and managed services for SMEs, public sector organisations and larger corporates looking to protect their business and enhance overall security of their IT systems.

Our specialists will help you identify and manage risks around your various data assets to give you, your employees and your customers much greater peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you, or have a look at what we do to learn more about our services.

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