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Mitigate - GCHQ Certified E-learning from Xyone

An Introduction - Why you need mitigate

Mitigate is a process which has proven to dramatically reduce the cyber risk for business, companies and firms. When 41% of security incidents suffered were caused by internal breaches or errors, it is imperative that all staff have the policies, procedures and training in place to take responsibility for their own cyber defence.

Created by our Xyone Academy, based at Lancaster University, and certified by the UK Government's Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), this suite of policies and training can be tailored to any organisation of any industry or size.


The Solution Mitigate provides

Mitigate is an internal threat mitigation solution, which reduces your risk of cyber attack by equipping every individual member of staff with targeted, simple awareness on the following areas of cyber security concern:

  • Information Security.

  • Online Security.

  • Remote Security.

  • Workstation Security.

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