Lexcel Compliance

Lexcel Compliance

Secure, Comply, Certify is our unique three-step approach to achieving certification to Lexcel. Whilst many consultants will help you to implement the standard, ours go one step further by working with you to implement cyber security first, which strengthens your compliance to Lexcel.

As a large part of Lexcel is centred around data protection and client confidentiality your framework should include cyber security measures to assess the external threats which could compromise the security of your information. We have established relationships with consultants and certification bodies to implement Secure, Comply, Certify – a 360 degree approach to information security.

Lexcel services
Lexcel compliance services

About Lexcel

Throughout the Lexcel practice management standard there are references to security of systems and confidentiality of client data. In order to successfully achieve this certification, legal firms are required to demonstrate that their assets are secure from external threats by undertaking regular penetration testing.

Our Lexcel consultants can help you to identify the physical risks to your assets from a potential cyber threat whilst advising you on the relevant sections of the Lexcel standard. Using the results from a penetration test, we can strengthen your information security policies and procedures, and provide a full assessment of the external environment.

The Specific points from the Lexcel standard which have an influence on cyber security policy:

We can work with a variety of organisations to implement changes required to ensure GDPR compliance. Here is an example of how we work together to help you.

- Strategic Plans

2.4 – Practices will have a business continuity plan, which must include

  • An evaluation of potential risks and the likelihood of their impact.
  • Ways to reduce, avoid and transfer the risks.
  • A procedure to test the plan annually in order to verify that it would be effective in the event of a business interruption.
- Information Management

4.1 – Practices will have an information management policy which must include:

  • The identification of relevant information assets of both the practice and clients.
  • The risk to these assets, their likelihood and the impact.
  • Procedures for the protection and security of the information assets.
  • A procedure for training personnel.

4.2 – Practices will have an email policy, which must include:

  • Procedures for the management and security of emails.

4.3 – If the practice has a website, the practice must have a website management policy which must include:

  • Procedures for the management of its security.

4.5 – Practices will have a social media policy, which must include:

  • The scope of permitted and prohibited content.
- Risk Management

6.1 – Practices must designate one overall risk manager to be able to identify and deal with all risk issues.

- Client care

7.1 – Practices will have a policy for client care, including:

  • Protecting client confidentiality.
- File and Case Management
8.5 – Practices will have a procedure to:
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of matter files and all other client information.
Our straightforward three-step framework

In order to address each of the above points, our certified consultants take you through a straightforward three-step framework which focuses firmly on security, compliance and certification.

By guiding you through this framework, we can ensure that you not only have the technology foundation in place to meet with the requirements for Lexcel, but also that information security within your practice extends beyond technology to encompass your people, culture, processes and physical environment so as to keep it resilient – even in the event of a breach.

Comply Services

GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation
Hill Dickinson, The Compliance Foundation and Xyone Cyber Security have joined forces to offer the complete solution to the challenges that GDPR presents across governance and structure, process and policy, and technology.
ISO 27001 compliance
ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System (ISMS)
We can help you comply to ISO 27001, a standard which involves the information security procedures of all your business’ or firm’s areas. This includes the ways you communicate with clients, to how your information security policy is put into action by all personnel.
ISO 27032 compliance
ISO 27032 - Cyber Security
Part of the ISO 27000 framework, ISO 27032 sets guidelines for keeping your security, assets and at-risk areas safe. Our expert information security consultants will take you from beginning-to-end in aligning your staff, procedures and policies with ISO 27032:2012’s aims, with a proposal and outline sent to you prior to our work beginning.
ISO 27301 compliance
ISO 27301 – Business Continuity
Secure, Comply, Certify is Xyone’s unique three-step approach to achieving certification to ISO22301, 27001 and 27032.
Our model goes one step further to implement cyber security, which strengthens your compliance.
Lexcel compliance services
Lexcel – Legal Sector Practice Management Standard
Secure, Comply, Certify is our unique three-step approach to achieving certification to Lexcel. Whilst many consultants will help you to implement the standard, ours go one step further by working with you to implement cyber security first, which strengthens your compliance to Lexcel.
PCI DSS compliance services
PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
If your business or firm takes payments from credit cards, you’ll need to be compliant in how and what data you handle. Xyone offer our own expertise, alongside relationships with consultants and auditors to ensure that you meet current security and compliance standards for PCIDSS.

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