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ISO 27001 Compliance

secure, complied certified


Secure, Comply, Certify is our unique three-step approach to achieving certification to ISO 27001. Our model goes one step further to implement cyber security, which strengthens your compliance to ISO 27001.

As ISO 27001 is centred around information security, your framework should include cyber security measures to assess the external threats which could compromise the security of your information. We have established relationships with consultants and certification bodies to implement Secure, Comply, Certify for you - a 360 degree approach to information security.

Features & Benefits

  • Address and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Secure your IT infrastructure from attack
  • Provide assurance and peace of mind
  • Fulfil your contractual obligations
  • Develop and enhance company policies
  • Enhance procedures for handling information securely
  • Develop a culture of security
  • Train staff to comply to ISO 27001
  • Enhance marketing by displaying ISO 27001
  • Enhance client trust
  • Benefit from competitive advantage for winning tenders
  • Globally recognised standard of excellence

About ISO27001

For a pre-ISO27001 assessment and/or more details on how Xyone can help you achieve this standard, contact us today.


We are able to offer independent cyber security consultancy, advice and coaching to help you identify the cyber security needs of your business and where we can recommend solutions, services and training to mitigate the cyber risk.

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Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training can help your staff to proactively reduce the risk of a cyber attack to your business. We offer training to your management, employees and mobile workers to raise awareness and protect your assets.    

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PCI DSS Compliance

If a business is set up to take credit cards by any mechanism - then it needs to be compliant. It is a common misunderstanding that small concerns handling only one or a few credit cards a year are exempt from these standards.

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ISO 27032 Compliance

ISO 27032 is part of the ISO 27000 series of standards and focuses explicitly on the guidelines for cyber security when implementing ISO 27001.

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Lexcel Compliance

Throughout the Lexcel standard there is reference to security of systems and the confidentiality of client data. In order to successfully achieve the Lexcel certification, a law firm should ensure it's assets are secure from external sources.

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Cyber Essentials Certification Body

Xyone Cyber Security are a qualified Certification Body, offering technical services, consultancy and support to help your business to implement Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

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