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Information Security Consultancy

Our cyber security awareness seminars and training sessions are designed to educate businesses about the threat of cyber attacks, and the solutions available in the market to mitigate the risks.

In addition to our off-the-shelf training courses which are suited to board members and employees, we are also able to deliver bespoke sessions which focus on your specific requirements and highlight how your staff can assess the issues regarding today’s cyber threats.

These sessions can concentrate onspecific areas, such as how to identify external threatsand respond to a cyber attack, as well as how to identify genuine calls and emails or how to maintain a clear desk policy to reduce threats in the workplace.

Through our coaching & advice service, our consultants can also provide expert advice on a series of issues - contact us today for more information.


We are able to offer independent cyber security consultancy, advice and coaching to help you identify the cyber security needs of your business and where we can recommend solutions, services and training to mitigate the cyber risk.

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PCI DSS Consultancy

Our consultants can take a lead on your PCI compliance, bringing extra resource to streamline your processes and help you to prepare compliance reports to achive the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

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Social Engineering Consultancy

Social Engineering is the act of using various methods of manipulation to gain access to information through human interaction – often by tricking an individual into breaking normal security procedures.

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