GDPR Risk Assessment

In the run up to the GDPR deadline, all companies will have to review their data and technology and security processes to ensure that they are ready to face the challenges that GDPR will present. 

As part of our service to clients, Xyone Cyber Security are offering a GDPR risk assessment to clients to help them understand, manage and mitigate their cyber risk. 

This session will be arranged with one of our Risk Managers, who will schedule a call or meeting to run through this risk profile with you. Post the session you will receive a report presenting a risk and compliance dashboard across a number of key areas (including internal & external risks and GDPR).

How we can help
How we can help

We offer a range of products and services to set to set you up for success. The joy of our end to end solution is that we can supply you with whatever you need across legal, compliance and technology requirements. Click here

Assess how ready you are
Assess how ready you are

If you are not sure what you need to do? Fill in our free online questionnaire to get a basic idea of how ready you are for GDPR. Complete the questionnaire

How we might work with you
How We Might Work With You

We can work with a variety of organisations to implement changes required to ensure GDPR compliance. View an example of how we work together to help you. View the project example

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Free Guides

As a starter for 10 we’ve created some simple notes for specific executives to help them understand what GDPR is all about and what they need to do.

Premium Products

For those that are looking for some simple tips and prompts we provide a set of cost effective GDPR solutions that can be easily downloaded.