GDPR GCHQ-certified Board Level training

The requirements for the General Data Protection Regulation come into force on the 25th May 2018. To help prepare clients,  Xyone is offering GCHQ-certified GDPR Board level training, which will give an in-depth insight into the General Data Protection Regulation and how it will affect organisations going forward.

The workshop will identify the legal and regulatory environment for organisations as well as strategies to develop & implement business continuity plans. This workshop is aimed at business directors and leaders to take a serious approach to adopting legal, compliance and security measures to protect the organisation, its stakeholders and assets from the effects of a breach. 

This 1-hour session will help start a top level mitigation plan to minimise your risk from a potential cyber breach or fraudulent scams.   

Workshop Structure:  • GDPR introduction  • When the worst happens • Understand DP&P compliance • Consider DP&P governance best practice • Review policy and processing requirements • DP&P Workshop – what your organisation has in place against what is needed  • The Role of the Board in DP&P compliance and information security  • DP&P training and InfoSec awareness • Prioritise a system of privacy and InfoSec reviews going forward • Action plan

Session Outcomes • Start developing your GDPR Business Action Plan and implement this across the business • Understand your business risks in relation to GDPR and what you can as an organisation do to mitigate these.

A mitigation strategy document will be presented post training based on agreed actions.

Please note, Board or Partner Awareness Training sessions can be delivered either in-house or by virtual seminar.

The ICO are the authority for GDPR and more information can be found on their website

How we can help
How we can help

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Assess how ready you are

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How We Might Work With You

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