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Introduction to Cyberseal, our 360° Mitigation Service

Cyberseal is Xyone’s 360° mitigation service which provides an objective operational risk management picture of an organisation's risks in relation to cyber security.
By identifying vulnerabilities and strengths, Cyberseal creates a mitigation plan to implement controls that will help build your resilience against external and internal threats, embedded within internationally accredited information security standards. This service includes a variety of offerings from Xyone covering internal and external mitigation services, along with certification  – this can include penetration testing, training, certifying you in cyber security and information security standards, and reporting on vulnerabilities discovered. Cyberseal is a managed service offered subject to a contract with Xyone to ensure that the services keeping you secure do not lapse.
Cyberseal mitigation services

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Mitigate your risk from external attacks, whether it is state-sponsored attack, hacktivism, industrial espionage or organised cyber criminals, the increasing number of attack vectors into a firm need to be regularly tested, and vulnerabilities need to be identified and removed quickly and effectively.

Current research suggests 42% of threats to the workplace are caused internally, mainly through rogue or undertrained employees, and therefore there is a need to define clear information security policies for all team members, and empower them with the knowledge to identify and defend against cyber threats.

Internationally recognised information security standards, such as ISO 27001, 22301 and Cyber Essentials are the benchmarks by which all mitigation strategies must be formed. They create a framework for information assurance, allow businesses to access new markets and grow, and signal to clients and key stakeholders of the actions you have taken to mitigate your overall risk.

Key Benefits

  • Strategy that will impact your Professional Indemnity insurance premiums
  • Lower your risk from external attacks.
  • Provides a 360° Mitigation Strategy against cyber threats.
  • Build internal resilience of all employees within your firm.
  • Presents an audit trail for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.
  • Ongoing compliance and security solution
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