Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our security awareness training focuses on the real-life issues that your business faces every day, looking at the consequences of a cyber breach and the methods you can impart through your staff team to mitigate the risk internally.

Course aim:

To impart knowledge to the business managers for how they can influence their teams to be aware of security risks and instil a culture of security. Learners will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of internal and external threats as well as some insight into proactive steps that can be taken in order to eradicate these threats.Cyber_Security_Awareness_Training

Course objectives:

By the end of this 3 hour training course, participants will have:

  • Understood the effects that a cyber breach could have on the business

  • An awareness of the terminology surrounding some of the threats that exist

  • The opportunity to take an objective look at the business from a risk perspective

  • A series of housekeeping techniques to implement through their teams to mitigate risk

  • An understanding of where information security fits into their company policies

  • Experience of real-life case studies of cyber breaches and how to avoid them

Security Testing and Compliance Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of penetration testing, certification, information security consultancy and managed services for SMEs, public sector organisations and larger corporates looking to protect their business and enhance overall security of their IT systems.

Our specialists will help you identify and manage risks around your various data assets to give you, your employees and your customers much greater peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you, or have a look at what we do to learn more about our services.

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