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Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is a step up from Cyber Essentials, which requires verification of the answers stated in the questionnaire with some technical testing to ensure the security of your IT system. A site visit will take place where the internal and external environment is tested for vulnerabilities by a qualified penetration tester.

To get Cyber Essentials Plus certified:

  • Request a self-assessment questionnaire and CE+ scope form from Xyone Cyber Security
  • Complete the scope form and return for a quote for the cost of certification
  • Complete the questionnaire with evidenced answers and any supporting documentation
  • Pay the certification fee (as per proposal) on receipt of your invoice from Xyone
  • Xyone will conduct a site-visit to carry out all internal and external vulnerability tests
  • A report will be generated and assessed along with the self-assessment questionnaire
  • We will award a pass, fail or will request any additional information required
  • Once a pass has been awarded, we will notify you and our Accreditation Body to award your certificate and Cyber Essentials Plus logo

Certification timescale: on sign off of proposal:

  • Site visit – within 5 business days of request of client
  • Reporting – 1 business day
  • Assessment - 2-3 business days
  • Certification – 2 business days

Additional support:

We can arrange for a consultant to spend a day on site to assist in completing your questionnaire. We can also offer this support remotely via teleconference or Skype, for which there is a chargeable hourly rate. If you need some help to define your scope, please contact us as we can arrange for 30 minutes consultancy telephone support to discuss the requirements of the scheme free of charge.

To discuss your Cyber Essentials requirements, you can contact us on  0333 323 3981 or on or use the form on the right to request a self-assessment questionnaire and scope form.

You can also view our certification pricing.

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