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GCHQ Certified Cyber Essentials Consultancy Training

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Upcoming 2018 events:

  • October 30th (Lancaster University) - book on Eventbrite here
  • October 31st (Chancery Lane, London) - book on Eventbrite here
  • November 27th (Lancaster University) - book on Eventbrite here
  • November 29th (Chancery Lane, London) - book on Eventbrite here

Where: Venues around the UK - see individual Eventbrite pages for more information

The requirements for Cyber Essentials has been centralised under the banner of the National Cyber Security Centre and the updates of the framework were launched on 1st September 2017.

Our GCHQ Certified Cyber Essentials Consultancy Course will provide the latest understanding of the scope and requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme. This will enable you to become a fully certified Xyone Cyber Essentials Consultant.

Our training is delivered in an interactive style, using a series of techniques and drawing upon personal experiences to bring the subject to life. The workshop-style training tasks and tips to ensure the participant leaves with practical knowledge to implement Cyber Essentials into businesses from within any industry and of any size. The courses will be delivered within 5 hours.

On completion of the training course, candidates will have the opportunity to sit an examination supplied by an independent accreditation and certification body, APMG International. This examination will enable candidates to demonstrate the knowledge and comprehension they have gained during the training course they have completed.

This examination will be taken through a remote invigilation/proctoring service and allows a candidate to sit the exam when convenient for them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The examination will consist of multiple choice questions that must be completed. A score of 60% or more must be achieved to pass the examination. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate.

By the end of the session, participants will have knowledge in the following areas of Cyber Essentials;

1. Introduction to Cyber Essentials

2. Scoping

3. Boundary firewalls

4. Secure configuration

5. Access control

6. Malware protection

7. Patch management

8. Company Self-Assessments

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